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A statement from Principal Roeske

To begin, we know that the idea of At-Home Learning again fills most of you with dread. Trust me when I say that our school staff understands your pain!

With that said, we were very intentional in reading feedback from last year's surveys and have been working diligently in making adjustments to our virtual learning as outlined below. We pray these changes make At-Home Learning easier for you and will be back in person before you know it!

1. We have created an At-Home Learning page on our website that is your one-stop resource during this time. Here you will find access to each teacher's individual resources for your child. You will also find FAQs and other information regarding Trinity's approach to At-Home Learning. Click below to browse the page and familiarize yourself with where the information you need is located.

2. You will notice that we have incorporated more live instruction for your child this year via applications like GoGuardian and Google Meet. This means more face time with the teacher and less work for you as a parent! To provide clarity, we have also articulated which subjects will be taught live (Teacher-Led Instruction) and which will be done independently, and how long your child should spend learning each day.

3. Our intention was for every student to have a school-issued Chrome device starting in September. Unfortunately, there is a shortage across the country and the first round of Chromebooks I ordered in August still have not arrived. This also means that the generous funds donated from our school and church families cannot yet be used to purchase Chromebooks. As such, we may ask your family to use a device from home. We apologize for this inconvenience. 

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