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Please take a look at the resources listed below that you can check out from Trinity’s church library (located in the church lounge) and use for your daily family devotions.  

For an overview on each devotional, including suggested age level, click on the "More Info" button below each title.

Family Time Devotions.jpg

Family Time: A Collection

of 98 Bible Stories & Devotions

Bible Discovery.jpg

Bible Discovery


Fmaily Faith Walks Devotion.jpg

Family Faith Walks

Laugh Tickle Hug Pray.jpg

Laugh & Tickle,

Hug & Pray: Active Family Devotions

Little Visits.jpg

Little Visits at Bedtime 

Trinity has purchased several copies of each book.

Please call the office to reserve a copy or stop in

our lounge for a no-contact checkout option.

How to begin a family devotions routine

If you are looking for direction on how to begin a family devotion routine, please click on the following links from The Lutheran Hour podcasts, “Speaking of Jesus”.  As with any routine, we encourage you to gather as a family DAILY and keep your family devotions short, interactive and meaningful.  God bless you as you share Jesus with your family… each and every day!

Podcast Icon.png
Podcast Icon.png

The above podcast demonstrates a good model of what family devotions might look like for young families starting family devotions.  Scroll to 29 minutes and listen to a young family discuss the Bible story of Zacchaeus.

This podcast demonstrates a father talking to his older children about building faith opportunities and Bible discussions during a pandemic (scroll to 4:40 - 19:40 minutes).  This segment may also help our families effectively use the green sheet as a daily devotion resource.

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