The Rick Family

1. Tell us about your family. 

Denise is an IT Business Analyst for Johnsonville Sausage, Al is Electrical Estimator for Faith Techologies. Nolan (15) 10th grade @ LHS, Gretta (13) 8th grade, Emmitt (10) 4th grade & Hazel (6) 1st grade at Trinity. We have 2 dogs Burton & Libby. We love to take family road trips and cheer each other on at lots of basketball, volleyball, baseball, soccer and softball games.

2. Why did you choose Trinity? 

We were looking for one community for our family that consisted of church, school, childcare, sports and other extra curricular activities for our kids. We wanted it to be an extension of our home's values.  

3. How have you seen your children’s faith grow at Trinity? 

Our children learn lessons from the Gospel and then how to apply them in their daily lives. They have a desire to learn more. 

4. How have you seen your child grow academically at Trinity? 

All of our kids love how TLS makes learning fun- they LOVE going to school. They are challenged academically by teachers that bring out the best in them. Nolan was very prepared for Lutheran High School. 

2 locations, 1 great school!

Main Office


Early Childhood Ministry Center

904 N 9th St

Sheboygan, WI 53081

Elementary & Middle School

824 Wisconsin Ave

Sheboygan, WI 53081

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