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1. Tell us briefly about your family. 

We are the Sprang family – Huston, Amanda, Brantley, and Cayson. Huston is currently employed at Kohler Company and I stay home with our boys. Brantley is loving Kindergarten this year and Cayson, who just turned three, will be joining the Trinity family in fall. We are a family that loves anything outside – golfing, swimming, biking around the neighborhood, hiking through the trails near our house and taking our dog, Elle, for walks, are among our most favorite things to do!

2. Why did you choose Trinity?

When you walk through the doors at Trinity, there is an overwhelming feeling of family, community and a sense of belonging – the perfect fit for our family and an ideal environment for our boys to learn and grow in. From our first tour a couple of years ago until now, we could and still can see the passion and love that the staff have for what they do, and the desire to reach each and every student. 


It was also very important to us that our boys were provided with a quality education that was faith-based, focusing on Christian values, building relationships and showing empathy. We knew a couple of years ago that Trinity was special, and now having been there for two years, it holds a very special place in our heart and has become more like a second home.



3. How have you seen your child's faith grow at Trinity?

It has been exciting to watch Brantley develop his own relationship with God and find meaning and purpose in everything he does. We have noticed he is making connections between what he is learning in school and our daily devotions and prayers at home. He makes a conscious effort to try and follow the lessons in the scriptures, such as forgiveness and love. Watching Brantley’s faith continue to grow has been a true blessing. 


4. How have you seen your child grow academically at Trinity?

Academics are extremely important to us. Over the past two years Brantley’s confidence and desire to learn continue to strengthen and grow. His teachers have gone above and beyond to get to know him at a level that has allowed him to open up, while encouraging him to explore, discover and simply love learning. We’re also watching him continue to develop important lifelong skills such as compassion, kindness, respect, fairness and honesty. 


The Sprang Family

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