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10 Reasons To Choose Trinity

When it comes to choosing your children’s school, the options can seem overwhelming. Public or private? Parochial or charter? If you are currently navigating school options, take a peek at 10 reasons why Trinity would be a great match for your family.

1. Christian Values: Through daily devotions, weekly chapel and faith integration across the curriculum, you can rest assured that your children are learning how to love and live as Christ did, serving their neighbor and caring for those in need.

2. Highly Qualified Staff: With over 200 years of combined experience, our staff is equipped with incredible experience. Moreover, 80% of teaching staff holds a higher education degree or special certification, ensuring that our teachers are truly experts in their fields.

3. State-licensed Childcare and Flexible Day School Wrap-around Care: Did you know that Trinity offers full-day, state-licensed childcare starting at age two? In fact, from age two until eighth grade, wrap-around care is available from 7:00 a.m. until 5:30 p.m. We know you are busy and require reliable care for your children outside of school, and we are here to help!

4. Competitive Pricing: We know full well that free education is available to your family all around Sheboygan County, so we work hard to ensure that we keep pricing competitive and offer a variety of scholarship opportunities. As a Wisconsin Voucher School, we are also able to offer eligible families an education free of charge!

5. Downtown Amenities within Reach: Our downtown location gives us quick and easy access to the Mead Public Library, JMKAC, the Children’s Museum and so much more! We love that we can support local businesses and share all that Sheboygan has to offer with our students.

6. Great Family Relationships: A bonus of choosing a parochial school is that other parents and families who share your values surround you! Parents know one another and children form lasting friendships.

7. Tight-knit Classes: Our students grow up together as a school family. The relationships made at Trinity last for years to come! Moreover, smaller class sizes mean that your child receives more individual attention to his/her needs.

8. Time-honored Curriculum and Instruction: At Trinity, we have the freedom to choose and implement curriculum and instructional methodologies that have stood the test of time. We are careful to avoid educational trends until they have been proven effective. As such, you can expect your children’s school experience to feel much like your own, which means you can confidently help them with their schoolwork and don’t have to worry that they are spending their day in front of a screen. Our academics and expectations are proven and effective.

9. Integrated School-based Mentoring Program: The close-knit, family structure of our school allows for natural mentoring opportunities between older and younger students. We divide our school body into multi-grade families each year. These families attend chapel together, create projects with one another and participate together in school-wide activities. Our older students learn how to mentor and care for their younger peers in intentional, practical ways.

10. A Consistent School Community that Grows with your Family: Trinity’s unique structure of two-year-olds through eighth grade in one program offers families consistency and stability. Teachers, peers, and families consistently support our students through incredibly formative years. Surrounding your children with a positive community that they can trust offers them important security.

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