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parent teacher league

Time to get involved!

Our group has been blessed with many parent, guardian, and grandparent volunteers over the years. We have had the ability to raise significant funds through our efforts with 100% of that going back into our school.  


Trinity PTL has sponsored Chromebooks and a charging cart to help our school achieve a 1 to 1 Chromebook ratio; drinking fountain upgrades; school-wide bussing for field trips; school-wide supplies, snacks, and lunches for National Lutheran Schools Week, Grandparents Day, also Teacher Appreciation throughout the school year.  


We have partnered to provide fellowship and connect with Trinity Church members for Trunk or Treat, Christmas Cookie Walk, Trinity Church holiday meals, Caan's flower sale, and an annual Trivia Night. 


PTL hosts a Christmas Shop allowing our students to find gifts for their families; a Four Square Tournament for students; Back to School Night meal and entertainment; movie nights; and even what we hope becomes an annual Middle School Dance!


Thrivent Action has been a crucial partner in our outreach to our families and community. We are grateful for their help as well. 


All of this and more our PTL achieves through volunteers like you. PLEASE CONSIDER ATTENDING a meeting! We are all pulled in many directions. We could use your help, even if you just select an event or two!   


Yes this school year's events will be different for the near future. Any ideas and help are appreciated!  There is a lot to do.  Let's get to work to make this year SPECIAL for our students!

Ready to help your school?

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